Digital financial markets union

Many digital innovations happen in the area of financial markets and can provide real added value for citizens in their daily lives. As a digital financial markets union, the EU could promote the digital transformation of the financial sector and open up numerous opportunities for new business models and products.

A truly digital financial market offers us the opportunity to meet the key challenges of the future together.
Olaf Scholz, German Finance Minister


Digital financial markets union
Digital financial markets union

The objective of a European digital financial markets union is to turn Europe into a modern, secure and innovative financial markets union, including for tokenised financial services, to support the review of the Payments Services Directive, and to increase the cybersecurity and cyber-resilience of the European financial market.

European fiscal policy for the digital age

We are living in an age of digital transformation. More and more areas of our lives are dominated by digital technology. We shop, make phone calls and do our banking online. Many transactions only take a few clicks. Especially during the global coronavirus pandemic, digital technologies are convenient and, in many cases, indispensable. This trend will continue. Keeping pace with it and ensuring that digital processes are secure and reliable are top priorities. After all, while digital technologies offer many benefits, there are also risks, for example in connection with data protection and vulnerability to fraud. That is why it is important to turn Europe into a modern, secure and innovative digital financial markets union. This means increasing cybersecurity and cyber-resilience. It also means creating a reliable framework for financial innovations such as crypto-assets, especially stablecoins.

Taking these steps will make Europe more competitive. By adequately addressing emerging and evolving risks, we can safeguard the stability and resilience of Europe’s financial markets.

Other topics

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A fair international tax system will help to finance crisis management measures while simultaneously promoting cohesion.

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The capital markets union is intended to deepen the EU’s single market with regard to capital and financial services.