Our Union

The European Union is a success story that is unique in the world. For many decades now, Europeans have enjoyed the abundant benefits that the internal market, monetary union and customs union bring. The coronavirus crisis is teaching us that we must protect these achievements and that our measures to overcome the crisis must be combined with clear steps towards greater integration and European sovereignty. This includes pressing forward with further integration in the banking union, the capital markets union, and a union for digital financial markets.


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Approximately 337 million people in 19 EU countries use the euro as legal tender. The common currency is the most…

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The EU single market is the world’s strongest economic area. Not only can EU citizens travel all over the EU, they can…

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The banking union is creating a common market for banking services. The banking union protects taxpayers by means of a…

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For more than 50 years, the European customs union’s standardised system for the trade in goods has ensured that goods…


The capital markets union will strengthen the European economy and promote capital market financing to complement…

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Many digital innovations happen in the area of financial markets and can provide added value for citizens in daily life.


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European financial policy from A to Z

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European financial policy in numbers